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Virtual Assistant

Simplifying Your Life

When it comes to supporting everything from email and calendar management to travel planning and expense reporting, a virtual assistant (VA) can be your secret weapon for getting things done quickly and efficiently. Once you choose Throne Consulting for your support, your journey to efficiency begins with a one hour “deep dive” where we identify urgent items to tackle for you and then build a custom plan designed to prepare you for whatever comes next. The goal is a simple one: free up your time so you can focus on what’s most important as you build your business.

Streamlining HR

As startups scale their operations,  they quickly realize the many roles that are required for supporting that growth as well as the new policies and procedures that need to be created so new employees are ready to take off running from day one. Throne Consulting has experience in recruiting top talent, building out employee handbooks and designing world class on-boarding and off-boarding processes.

People Ops

Employee Mgmt

Effortless Manament

The support and expertise that we offer doesn’t stop after you hire employees. That’s just the beginning of their journey with your company and it’s the most critical time for making sure they stay for a very long time. We’ll help you build out simple and effective employee engagement plans that allow you to keep a critical pulse on how your team is feeling. We can also design proven strategies that ensure the senior leadership team is actively engaged and addressing concerns while building a strong organization that everyone can be proud of. This all adds up to sustainable employee retention.

Seemless Events

Whether you’re looking to take the company out for a day of fun or create a week-long leadership strategic planning session, we’ve got you covered. There’s no event that is too big or complex, and we’ll make it something to remember! 

Event Planning

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